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The film "Food Inc; About food production" is an American food production documentary directed by filmmaker Robert Kenner.
The film shows that despite the US agri-business consistently generating more food on less land as compared to other nations and at a cheaper cost, the food produced is unhealthy for consumption. The American eating practices also impact the health of American citizens adversely.
For instance, most people in America are too busy to cook or even consider cooking at home too expensive thus prefer fast foods which lead to health complications such as diabetes. Another reason why individuals in the US prefer fast food is that vegetables and other healthy foods in groceries are expensive compared to those fast foods.

get awayAnalysts in the film state that the current food system is an industrialized food system or a chemical food system. This system has an advantage over organic farming in that it produces cheaper foods when compared; however, it causes diseases to consumers. The film also covers the industrial production of meat that includes the production of beef, pork and chicken meat.

It describes this industrial production as inhumane as well as economically and environmentally unsustainable. The industrial production of vegetables and grains that include corn and soybeans is also regarded as economically and ecologically unsustainable.

Another section of the film is about the economic and get away legal power that includes food labeling of the major food companies, the profits they make as a result of supplying cheap but contaminated food, the use of petroleum-based chemicals and the promotion of unhealthy food consumption practices by the public.

The Food Inc documentary is an educating film about the food industry in America. It creates awareness to the general American public about the impacts of what they eat and the food that is produced by the US agribusiness. The documentary is important to individual citizens who can take measures to safeguard their health as well as is necessary for the government and policymakers to implement measures that protect the health of its citizens.

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