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Glove box use:
In the system of scientific experiments, some substances are conveniently oxidized and deliquesced in the environment, which makes the chemical reaction of the exam substance and the preliminary treatment of the sample pretty difficult, influencing the exam approach and exam benefits.

The vacuum acrylic glove box box (also named vacuum inert gas defense box) successfully solves these troubles. The device is a laboratory product that fills the box entire body with large purity inert gasoline and circulates and filters out water, oxygen, organic fuel and other substances . The primary function is to take away O2, H2O, and natural and organic gases it is widely made use of in extremely-pure environments without the need of h2o, oxygen, and dust. The product can be used in lithium battery R & D and creation, actual physical and chemical analysis, powder metallurgy, nuclear technological know-how, specific welding, OLED and PLED exploration, pharmaceutical industry, substance processing, distinctive lamp investigation and enhancement and generation, fantastic chemicals, polymer products and other industries.

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