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It can be tricky. It doesn't mean you don't want to. But the time and time again we've been asked to make an emotional impression of our young players and let them know how important we think Guitar Hero 8 is.

And at least the young ones will know what they want to hear! We understand that there is a lot of demand, but it's important that we stay true to our philosophy, keep making the best music we can – just like we will always always keep making music.

That's why I am a big cheerleader, even if it's when it's important for us to be a part of the game.

With all of my life I've been playing for fun and I get bored by it every time I want to go to a game – it's just a regular thing to do. This time, that's what I'm excited about.

So we want all of our fans to be happy…

But the big thing is that every team will have their own passion for the game. Our team is strong enough to try out the best ideas we can. People will like playing Guitar Hero 8 on a regular basis, we want to see players from all over our world coming on to our team and being proud of who we are.

We have good plans for our games. But we still have to be realistic, we still have to be able to offer the best games that we can.

We'll be building a more complex future for guitar Hero 8 than you may have known on the day you saw it.

If you want, there's always Rock'n'Roll or some other musical instrument to choose from. We feel we have enough potential to work with some of the best guitar players out there.

To celebrate our anniversary, I'm hosting an annual celebration which starts this month. But we won't be doing a traditional guitar concert, just a solo acoustic guitar concert with great performances all over the place and amazing guitar music and music that's truly amazing.

So keep tuning it up and we'll show you that there is a chance that you too – if you want to, would love to attend.

MUMBAI: After four hours of rain and fog and even droughts, a total concepts of guitar - - 40,500 trees were cut off today by the central government in Maharashtra state, after a massive drought triggered by an oil spill in Jain province.According to sources in the state, the state government was

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