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Use the generator's "Start" button to start it.

Click to begin.

How do I turn off the generator?

Uncheck the "Start" button and enable "Enable. Generating the first generation!"

Click to begin.

How do I create a custom generator for the game?

Click the "Create Generator" link. Follow the instructions, and let me know you created it, how it works.

How do I change the seed and the world map parameters?

If you want to change variables that are not set, see "Changing Variable Configuration".

Where can I find out more information about the code?

The following sections provide the resources for learning.


A set of files to start up the generator, both in JavaScript and C++, and an additional file for a simple generator that uses the built-in generator.

A generator with a file name (e.g., the .js file).

Code for creating, modifying, and creating a generator from JavaScript.

An example of where you can make, modify, or run your own generator.

Code to use any existing generator.

When compiling the generator, this is the code to install it on the executable.

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