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# 1) Get the Big Picture First

godBefore contemplating different methods for studying the Bible it is a good idea to get the big picture first. How do we do this?

When you adored this post along with you wish to be given more info about jeruzalem kindly pay a visit to our own internet site. One of the biggest benefits you will receive by reading the Bible entirely through is you'll see how God relates to people over an extended time period. I tell folks to reserve judgement about what they read, rather than to be impatient when they come across components that are hard to understand. Things become a good deal clearer if the Bible is accepted as a whole.

This is the precise way Jesus did it appeared to the guys on the road to Emmaus after He'd been crucified, and had risen from the dead. The Scriptures say,"And starting in Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself." Luke 24:27

This means that Jesus, instead of turning into a few"proof texts" to describe the events which had happened in Jerusalem to Cleopas and his friend - took them onto a extensive tour through the total Bible.

It says,"beginning at Moses and all the prophets" He expounded to them..."

Add in"all the prophets" and you have all the Old Testament (that the NT had not been written yet). That really is stating Jesus gave a Bible study on a certain subject (His birth, life, death and resurrection) which took Him through most of the Bible that was in existence at that time.

TAKEAWAY TIP # 1: A fantastic way to experience the Bible - whether you've read it before or not - is to get a chronological, one-year Bible. This type of Bible makes it a lot easier to browse through cause it is broken down into daily readings. That's the 1-year part.

Also, by acquiring one which is chronological it takes the events from start to finish in the order in which they occurred. Many men and women aren't aware that the Bible isn't compiled in the specific order in which the events happened. The chronological arrangement comes as close as possible to exact sequence, with some speculation about the specific time of particular novels, e.g., Job.

The second thing which makes it easier is the translations. I much prefer the New Living Translation cause it reads like a narrative and makes it really easy to stick with this. I've gone through the NLT twice this manner and thoroughly enjoyed it each time.

Another aspect of"Getting the Big Picture" is getting the right mindset before you begin your study. Doing this takes an understanding of what makes the Bible different from another book - so let's look at this.

Listed below are a few fascinating facts about the Bible which make it unlike any other publication in human history:

To begin with, the Bible claims to have been motivated by that our Creator - think about that!!! (more about this below)

It was composed over a period of 1500 years
It'd 40 different writers
The authors were from 19 different jobs
It contains poetry, history, play, & prophecy - all telling the exact same story from begin to finish
The Bible tells us who we are, i.e., where we came from; why we're here; and where we're going
Unlike other publications of antiquity that the Bible documents the true record of it is heroes and it's nation. It is honest about their beats when they happen and it openly discloses the faults of it is heroes.

Before going on I'd love to elaborate on the first point I made above - the promise of inspiration.

The Bible claims that it had been motivated by God, i.e., the person who made us.

Q. What if that is true? What if the Bible is a communicating to us from our Creator? Would not that have profound consequences?

A. I believe it would.

Here are a few fascinating quotes I have obtained from Isaiah chapters 45 & 46. What's amazing about them is that they claim to be God Himself speaking to us in the first person. Did you catch this? God Himself speaking! The Bible, several times in Isaiah chapters 40-46, is filled with unbelievable claims. It claims our Creator is speaking. I have gleaned just a few to give you a sample of what is said in these chapters:

"So says the Lord who made you, and shield you from the womb, who will help you." Isa 44:2

"I am the Lord, and there is not any other; There jeruzalem is no God besides Me." Isa 45:5

"I've made the earth, And created man on it. Isa 45:12

For that I am God, and there's no other. I have sworn by Myself; The word has gone from my mouth in righteousness, And shall not return, That to Me every knee will bow, and every tongue shall confess." Isa 45:22,23

TAKEAWAY TIP #2We lead busy lives and it is really simple to deal with the Bible as a normal book, or to see its reading or research as a regular task we have obligated ourselves to do. So here's a tip... Before you begin get the right mindset.

Stop and think about the book you're about to open. Before you open it, say a short prayer to God and ask Him to guide you in your understanding. Use God's Word as the focus of your salvation.

Ask Him to accomplish in your life exactly what He wants His word to achieve, and also to flourish His word on your own life for the exact purpose for which he delivered it. That's the way you make the Word the focus of your prayers. You are praying for what He explained from the text to occur in your life.

So one method you can do a topical study through Scripture would be to compile a list of texts speaking to your subject.

From the above example I used God's Word for a subject, so, in the event that you wished to find creative and dig a bit deeper you could go through the Bible and compile a list of texts on God's Word.

Besides all the great Scripture you will be learning and implementing on your life this will help keep you from feeling daily Bible study is too regular.

# 3) Get Objections from the Way

Sometimes when I mention studying the Bible people will increase objections. Here's a handful of these, which I will follow after with hints on to deal with them:

The Bible's overly intimidating
It does not make sense to me
No one knows what's appropriate, that's why there's a lot of Distinct denominations
The Bible is not relevant to our civilization now
and many more

Write down any thoughts you are having that can affect you in a negative way, then consider them through. As an example, here is a couple of responses to the objections listed above.

" jeruzalem The Bible's too intimidating". That's OK! We feel intimidated about a great deal of things we do when we are first getting started. Did you feel intimidated the first time you drove a car? Had to provide a language in school? Asked a woman out on a date (or consented to one if you are a lady )?

"It doesn't make sense to me". Hmmm. Or algebra? Or a foreign language you heard? Certainly not! The Bible is similar to everything else. The more you spend time with it the more sense it'll begin making for you.

"No one knows what's right, that's why there's a lot of distinct denominations." You are right, there are a great deal of denominations. However, you don't need to join them all. Nor do you require perfect understanding. What is more important than that's having a ideal heart and a ideal spirit. Simply concentrate on what does look right, and stack the odds in your favor by going on the weight of evidence.

As an example. Let us say I want to know what happens when someone dies. I am able to choose a Bible concordance (basically an index) and follow my topic via all of Scripture. If I locate 30 texts on my topic, and 24 of these are saying something, however, 6 of them seem to be saying something else, I can go by the weight of evidence and feel secure with the 24, and rely on them to attempt to better understand what another 6 are stating in their context.

1 reason for so many denominations is individuals not using the burden of evidence to formulate a philosophy, but going on maybe 1-6 texts on a subject while being ignorant of or ignoring everything else.

"The Bible is not related to our culture today." Really? When was it ever relevant? Just joking (type of) but think about it like that - there always was, and always will be, a tension between the ways of God and the culture . 2 Cor. 6:17. 2:11 And,"don't be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your head" Rom 12:2 While civilizations are unique principles will always remain the same. As will the stress between the church and the world (as it's for the individual - see Gal 5:17"For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit contrary to the flesh")

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