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You know, marketing gibberish. What does it all mean? There may be a ton of companies in the cloud, but many may not survive, and free netflix accounts a number of them are just full of hot air. Let's take a look at a few of the most promising stocks in the sector, and try to figure out why they've gotten this far.

Cloudy bona fides (IBM Aix Training)

A company doesn't merit being part of the cloud just because it's got something running on the Internet. But software as a service is easy enough to define. Whenever you have to access your application through a central location, and pay ongoing license fees to the developer, that's generally software as a service. Microsoft's Office suite is plain old software. Its Office 365, available through subscriptions, is software as a service. Got it? Cool. Let's check out some other top cloud software companies, and try to figure out if they're worth your money.

The digital rundown (IBM Aix Training)

I've picked out a rather motley group of companies that operate in the software-as-a-service market. This isn't an exhaustive list, but I hope it's a good starting point for your search. Here are a few quick bird's-eye stats to give you a tiny bit of context before diving in:

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