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90/10 Rule of Money One of things I like to share with you from their book is the 90/10 rule of money.
Robert Kiyosaki shared in the book that in the game of money, 10% of the players will earn 90% of the money while the other 90% will share the remaining 10%. I find what he said to be very meaningful. After digesting what Robert Kiyosaki has written, I quickly asked myself �Which group do I want belong to ?� Of course everyone will say you want to be one of the 10% who earn 90% of the money.

lam visa han quocWho in the right frame of mind will say he / she want to be one of the remaining 90%, right ?. Having said that, I would like to emphasise that by simply answering that question is not enough. You have to work towards it, which means you have to have an aim, have a goal, have a target you want to achieve.
Once you have set your aim / goal / target, develop your plan to WORK TOWARDS IT ! Even if it means sacrificing your favourite TV programmes, even if it means having to sacrifice some sleeping time everyday. In order to achieve my goal, I have set aside at least 1 hour everyday to do things that will drive me towards being one of the 10% earning 90% of the money.

No matter how busy I am, I will try to squeeze some time out. I really enjoy the 1 hour I�m spending everyday and seeing myself moving towards my goal. Once you start seeing money beginning to roll in, you�ll definitely find that the sacrifices are worth it. I would like you to spend a few minutes (3 �5 minutes) to think your goal.

Ask yourself these 2 questions : �What do I want to achieve in life ?� and �What sacrifices am I willing to make to achieve my goal ?� Try answering these questions. I encourage all of you to tell me your answers either by posting a comment in this post, post a message on my tagboard, or if you do not like others to see what you have written, you can drop me an email at

I am looking forward to hear from you. Reading is nothing without actions YES !! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE SENTENCE ! Let us try a simple exercise. Take out a copy of today�s paper. Randomly choose and read an article that�s about half a page long. 5 � 10 minutes later, try to recall the contents of the article you have read 5 � 10 minutes ago.
How much can you recall ? I would say that most likely, you�ll have no problem recalling you will be about 70 � 80% of it. Try to recall the contents of that SAME article an hour later. How much can you recall now ? I would say that you are now only be able to recall about 45 � 50% of it.

Try to recall the contents of that SAME article the next morning. How much can you recall now ? I dare say that most of you can only recall about 5 � 10% of it. Some of you may only be able to recall the title of the article ! Don�t just lam visa han read what I�ve written. Try this exercise out.
The moral of the story is, you will gain nothing by reading alone. You have to take action to apply what you have read. It is proven that by reading alone, you can only remember 10% . However, if you applied what you have read, you can remember 90%. I hope that all of you, after reading my article, will start applying what you have read either in your money making journey or in your daily life, instead of just simply reading and forget about it.

Cheers Jun Yuan P.S. : If you like to learn more about Internet Marketing, I strongly urge you to visit website There are lots of tips on Internet Marketing waiting for you. P.P.S. : If you have any comments regarding the article, please do not hesitate to drop me an email at
I am looking forward to hear from you.

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