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A part of roof restoration or replacement is painting, which instantly adds value to your house and gives it character and appeal. It is important to keep the paint work on your roof up to date for number of reasons.
* A Roof that has a well maintained surface will be more resistant to breakages and chips.
* A good paint job will prevent too much water penetrating your tiles and causing too much moisture builds up in your roof.
* Foreign growth from leaf rot, mould or lichen will be prevented
* A Professional Paint Job adds value to your house, and gives it a greater appeal.
Common problems associated with tiled roofs are cracked and broken cement, or loose and broken tiles. This is likely to cause problems with wind and water damage, allowing the wind to loosen roof tiles and rain and water to seep in and through the gaps, which could cause thousands of dollars of water damage to your home, if not treated on time.
Professional Trades people as part of their Roof maintenance program will replace broken tiles and re-bed the entire cement ridge capping as part of the service to ensure the best possible result without providing a simple band-aid solution that will only need fixing again.
By having this done by our licensed professional tradesmen they will give you a quality and lasting result.
Often leaks are caused by build-up on your roof by foreign substance.
Moss and lichen detaches with heavy rain, rolling into your gutter. If your gutters are slightly blocked, the moss and lichen with accumulate and block the gutters, causing all sorts of problems. There can also be problems with the moss growing in between the water course channels of the roof tile and blocking the correct flow of water.
If in the market to sell your property do consider giving your house a new look with repair and new paint work. This not only lifts the images of the house but value as well. Colour combinations are so very important, so picking the right colours at the beginning of the job is very important, or else you don't get what you want. A mistake that might cost you. Keeping a house and maintaining it is a task and one needs to see as a property owner. Property owners spend money each year to keep their house in good looking condition.
Consider your options when thinking of doing some work at your property and always take professional advice.

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