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Nicolites Refill Cartridges Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers

Please note, Nicolites Refill Cartridges Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers have now been replaced by Nicocig Refill Cartridges Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers. Therefore, if you place an order for Nicolites Refill Cartridges Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers, we will dispatch Nicocig Refill Cartridges Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers in their place.

To learn more about the change from Nicolites to Nicocig, please visit our information page: Nicolites Are Changing Their Name to Nicocig.

The Nicolites Refill Cartridges Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers are compatible with Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes and are available in money saving value packs.

Each box of Nicolites Refill Cartridges Medium Strength Tobacco Cartomisers contains 3 cartomisers that will each last for up to 20 cigarettes worth of smoking. Each box therefore equates to approximately 60 traditional cigarettes, making these a cost effective alternative to traditional cigarettes.;

The Nicolites Refill Cartridges Cartomisers are also available in menthol and cherry versions in all levels of strength.
Free Battery Offer

When you buy a pack of 20 boxes of Nicolites Refills (with 3 cartridges per box), you will receive a FREE BATTERY. This is on top of making a great saving on the recommended retail price of Nicolites refills. Even better, with every purchase of 40 boxes of Nicolites Refills, you'll receive 2 FREE BATTERIES and even greater savings per box!

he Nicolites Electronic Cigarette range feature an innovative design that offers smokers a true alternative whilst also simulating the familiar feeling of traditional smoking. The Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes, or E-Cigs, contain no tobacco whatsoever. Although their tip glows a realistic red colour, they do not require fire or flame.

Many users of the Nicolites range have found that using an E cigarette is much more socially acceptable as there is no unpleasant smoke odour, and no smoky residue accumulates on your walls and furnishings, in your hair or on your skin. Have you ever noticed that heavy smokers have stains on their fingers and teeth? With Nicolites, there’s none of that. You also do not get the traditional "Smokers' Breath" which is a more personal but important benefit of the Nicolites Electronic Cigarette.

Benefits of the Nicolites Electronic Cigarette Range

Money Saving: The Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes have helped countless smokers save money. Electronic cigarettes can be as much as 75% cheaper than buying regular cigarettes. This is because once you acquire a Nicolite starter kit, you only need to buy affordable replacement nicotine "cartomisers," also known as cartridges or refills. A cartomiser is a miniature electronic component that contains a cartridge of liquid nicotine and a vaporising mechanism. A single cartomiser is equivalent to about 20 conventional tobacco cigarettes but costs much less. Cartomisers come in varying strength, so it’s easy to choose one that matches the amount of nicotine you’re getting from conventional cigarettes.

No Tobacco: Among the 4000 known harmful chemicals, toxins and substances contained in tobacco smoke at least 25 are carcinogenic (cancer-causing). The tar in tobacco smoke accumulates in the lungs as a sticky, brownish-yellow deposit that is a leading cause of debilitating pulmonary diseases like emphysema. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco.

New Technology: It’s important to note that Nicolites use the most up to date Electric Cigarette technology. Where other Electronic Cigarette companies may use 3 piece models, Nicolites products adopt cartomiser technology. Essentially the Electric Cigarette is a 2 piece product. While other E Cigarette companies sell separate atomisers (heating devices), Nicolites don't. Users do not have to continually invest in these, as every time you change your cartomiser, you are essentially using a brand new heating element.

Please note these are only compatible with Nicolites Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes, and will not fit the Nicolites disposable model.


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