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SITTING at a cafe table outside Original Joe's in downtown San Jose, Forrest Williams unzips his binder and starts flipping through the pages within, searching for a document. He finds what he is looking for: a slightly wrinkled, stapled packet of paper with a large amount of handwriting in the margins. This packet contains a long list of city councilmembers, county supervisors, assemblymembers, state senators and Santa Clara Valley Water District board members the former San Jose City Councilman has ever worked with in his two decades as an elected official..

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"I don't know if anyone else would have gone back there to find him. Thank you, thank you a million times."DNR Enforcement Director Col. Ken Soring added, "Thanks to Williams' and Hopkins' observation skills and willingness to take the path less travelled, they clearly saved the life of a man who may not have survived another night of exposure to the elements.".

Among the most recent major industrial transactions in which Jaime Weiss has been involved have included a 500,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center on behalf of Firestone Tire Rubber Company, a 180,000 square foot office/distribution center on behalf of Barneys New York in Lyndhurst and a 140,000 square foot distribution center and 40,000 square foot office lease on behalf of Escada Inc. In Hasbrouck Heights. The total aggregate rental of these transactions exceeded $45 million.

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