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If you like a little luxury in the home, you may well have heard of bidet toilet seats, an add on seat that can be fitted to almost all toilets, a product that converts your boring toilet into something a little more useful and with some pretty amazing features.
I recently renovated my home and was deciding whether to rip out the old bathroom suite, and install a completely new one. I was considering buying a bidet too, but my wife spotted something in a magazine that really interested me. The Canadian company Toto, who make a lot of toilet and plumbing items, make a fabulous looking electronic toilet seat range, and these things have far more functionality than a normal bidet would.
I was pretty excited, as well as slightly impulsive, and I ordered a Toto Washlet S300 bidet toilet seat for the bathroom. This product has a lot of features, and Toto do offer some lower priced models within the range. When it arrived, we got it installed using a plumber and electrician, and were astounded by the product. Here are a few of the key functions.

heated toilet seat reviews toilet seat and auto closing lid

Easy to use remote control

Front and rear washing with adjustable water temperatures

Warm water massage facility

Warm air drying

Automatic deodorizer

Self cleaning wands

As you can see, this is a pretty amazing toilet seat, and since installing it, we have loved using it. Many people think of their toilets as an essential item with zero luxury value, but when you install a bidet toilet seat, be prepared to think very differently about you bathroom and toilet.
We have had so many friends asking for information on the toilet that we have even downloaded some information to hand out to them.
There are a number of similar units on the market from other suppliers and these are probably very good too, but the research I did seemed to suggest that Toto seats were pretty much the best you could buy.
Also, they have a health benefit too. The elderly, and also people with hemorrhoids, can really benefit from this warm air washing and massage feature, something that I was not aware of when I made the purchase, but it's something to consider.
A quick look online will show you quite a wide range of these type of seats and give you all the information you need to make a great purchase like we did.

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