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Floors that are made of tiles, granite and other materials are often slippery and accident-prone. This is why it is important to take a slip resistance test before assessing the slipperiness of the floor. Most providers undertake a process which enhances the SCOF or static coefficient of friction on most of the mineral coatings. The company may offer an anti slip tape to deal with the issue. It is not like a seal or coating that can wear off, but something that creates a textured finish on the surface.
You need not provide a drying or curing period to make the floor slip resistant. The surfaces which are treated can be used right after the treatment is over. The best thing is that there is no alteration in the coloring or appearance of the floor. However, once the floor is wet, you tend to notice the difference with better safety and footing. You need to look for a reliable provider that can offer anti slip coatings. Choose a company that offers full-time employees who are directly accountable to the organization and can work on your schedule.
A reliable provider will take pride in each of the installations and pay ample attention towards detail. This not only leads to a great appearance, but provides you with a sustainable and new floor. First, a slip test is conducted and on the basis of the results, appropriate installations are provided. The right products are used in the right environment every time. It ensures that the foundation of the house is sound before installation of the flooring. The prime reason why most of the floorings fail is due to the badly prepared substrates or incorrect usage of adhesives.
The company offering non slip floor treatment offers the best value from any product. A reliable provider abides by the specifications and established protocols, installing all kinds of flooring materials such as:
- Broadloom carpets
- Wood
- Carpet tile
- Porcelain or ceramic
- Sheet vinyl
- Flash coving
- Linoleum
A grip tape is placed on the floor for attaining the best results. The floor treatment services are required in different industries like educational buildings, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, commercial offices, libraries, sports facilities, manufacturing facilities and more. You can choose an anti slip floor servicing company and make a good economic decision in the long run.
Choosing a right provider is important as they will understand your situation and work to make the best of your investment. The anti slip or psx 700 non slip flooring company uses state of the art installation techniques and materials to make sure that the service is environmentally friendly.

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