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adhesive tapesThere are many different types of adhesive tapes available each made from different materials and designed for different purposes. Adhesive tape is one of the most popular methods for sticking material together although in many cases it is only a temporary method.
Most tape is used to bond a material on to another material by overlapping them, double sided adhesive tape differs. This type of tape has a layer of material on which both sides are coated with an adhesive and not just a single side. Double sided tape has the capability of bonding to surfaces together (on top of each other) this is something single sided tape is not capable of. It is also very strong and the adhesive used is much stronger than that of adhesives like sellotape.
The adhesive laid on to both sides of the tape must be covered with a material otherwise the tape would lose its stickiness... A thin layer of material (often paper or plastic like) is laid on to either side of the tape, when the tape is required you simply peel back both sides of the adhesive covering to reveal the adhesive itself. This layer of material is specially made to peel off easily and not detract from the effectiveness of the adhesive. The other part of the tape is available in many different colours however once peeled back the tape will still be white, due to its double sidedness and the nature in which it is used the tape will not remain visible so colour is not an issue.

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