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Have you ever got confused while differentiating Haulage companies and Couriers companies? If yes then you need to understand the standard difference between both of them. A courier company usually delivers smaller items, like parcels, mail order, time sensitive letters, electronic goods etc. On the other hand, Haulage companies are much more specialized than courier companies. They transport bulkier goods like retail warehouse stock, industrial equipment, pallets, construction materials etc

 The reason why these companies adopt different modes of transportation is that some goods might travel better under different conditions than others. The chief reason behind the utilization of several modes of transportation is the delivery of goods on time and in the actual condition they left in.

To deliver your consignment to its destination, a haulage company uses a number transport mode, such as train, road, sea or air, whichever is suitable to the situation. The selection of the transport is very vital for a haulage company, as some items might not be suitable for certain types of transport. So to deliver such items, the type of transport should be appropriate.

There is a great plus point with Haulage companies which lacks with courier companies. opening a consignment store courier company can deliver small items like parcels, letters and electronic goods, as they have a restriction on the size of the goods that they can ship. Whereas, Haulage companies are free from such limitation. They, with vehicles with trailers up to 44 tones, can deliver a lot more than your expectation.

These Haulage companies also incorporate their own storage areas, which is very useful in storing the goods on the site with the help of the haulers prior to the deliver date. Additionally these stores are usually refrigerated, which is very supportive in storing the chilled and frozen haulage stock.

Alan Matthews Bracewell Transport is one of a few long established haulage companies in Lancashire, providing road haulage services throughout the UK. It is located next to the large motorway network which makes them ideally placed for all UK road haulage up to 15000kg.

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