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To incorporate financing August, Mama K wrote a great post about Tumblrs post-Yahoo acquisition announcement to remove adult content sites from their system.
Knowing that Tumblr was one of the few blogging platforms left that allowed adult content, the adult provider community held its collective breathing. Now, three months after Tumblrs announcement and a couple of months after Mama Ks piece, Tumblr appears to keep safe for both pros who want to provide porn travel and events people who wish to check it out.

Granted, an initial search of #NSFW brought up a blank but Tumblr gives the choices of turning off search filters.
Once you click that buttonWhoa. Unique whole wide and dirty world any sort of and every sexy pic and GIF your heart (and other parts) could desire.
In celebration of that fact, I chose do the excruciatingly difficult job of filtering through the Tumblr NSFW tag (or for some of you, perhaps SFW would be more appropriate?) and pulling out (too easy) some particularly sexy blogs, for your viewing pleasure.

I know what youre thinking: Ruby, youre so non selfish! Thank you so much for service plan us! All I'm able to say is: No, thank you, visitor. Thank you so much.
Obviously opinions and preferences regarding porn are totally subjective, so by no means am I suggesting that my choices are The best or even that you should dig them too but, hey, ya never know, privilege? Chances are youll think theyre as hot as I.
The Library Vixen
This blog is my number one favorite with regards to everything sexy on Tumblr. Curated by an actual librarian workers ? at the very center for Sex and Culture, The Library Vixen has an impressive lot of handpicked photos and GIFs for your titillation.

The Library Vixen has her own website that explores a whole bunch of sex-related topics, but her Tumblr is really a wonderfully simple blog that highlights a smoking hot image finished, get the. Shell usually stick a few theme number of days within a row, with all of the photos highlighting bondage or blowjobs or boob or whatever strikes her fancy that week.

This allows the viewer to focus on just what he/she prefers and come in contact with new things that they might known turned them on before. Also, the arty appearance of the pictures creates a slow buildup of arousal that sort of sneaks on a girl, kinda like porn foreplay.

All Things Naughty
Speaking of arty porn, All Things Naughty does a great job making everything look even more high class by showcasing only monochrome images. The format of one's one turns out to be more professional than Library Vixen and quite a lot more professional in contrast to the majority of adult blogs on Tumblr.
The Dos and Don'ts of Meeting an Escort who own the blog are also quite prolific, adding a lot of images each and every day.
While Top Tumblr Porn 3 Blogs That Are Guaranteed To Get Your Heart Racing pulls images from a wide regarding body types, the small children on Every item and fixture Naughty definitely fall read more about the model side in the average figure/Heidi Klum grouping.

While Whips And Crayons Age Play For the Ages prefer the amateur models I surely see the appeal of watching attractive people fucking and fondling.
Another thing All Things Naughty does well is GIFs. Fairly new player on the porn scene, GIFs result from the wonderful space between still and moving paper prints. Usually focusing on one or two simple actions, theres just something about the repetitive motion that never fails to turn me on.
Bonus points: This blog appears to be very into anal, so everyone who love it should definitely head on over.

Quelles Fesses
Some consumers are just really into a person body part or sex act and can consume image after image after picture of it guy easy to use format of Tumblr afford them the ability for them to set up collections that him and i all take pleasure in.
One such blog is Quelles Fesses. I dont speak French, so I plugged common history into Google Translate and came up with the translation What Butts which is a very direct, very accurate description of what youll find here. Quelles Fesses showcases naked butts, partially clothed butts, butts and vulvas, round butts, bouncy butts, and surprisingly few butts getting fucked.

Unfortunately for those of you who as some little man-butt now and then, each of the butts underneath are attached to ladies, but i cant say Im complaining too much about the selection.
So, dear readers, You will enjoyed this quick trip into the wondrous world of Tumblr adult material. There are literally thousands of blogs perusing pleasure, so head on over the NSFW section and celebrate the proven fact theres you should mainstream blogging platform left that isnt too afraid of sex.

Have a large weekend, and get!

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