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Do you want to explore the great American west on your road trip? If you're taking a car you're in for a serious journey. This list contains some of the essentials to bring so as to have the trip of a lifetime.

1. Car Backup Camera: When you costing extended periods of time in a car, it's nice to have a bigger car rather than a smaller one. RV's are especially convenient and can add another dimension to your travels. But when you drive these large cars, it's necessary to have a car camera system or truck back up camera. That way you can see behind you if you need to squeeze into a tight parking place.

2. CDs: A road trip without music is boring. And in some parts of some country there just aren't any radio stations there. So having a nice rotation of country, blues, jazz and rock 'n' roll (all quintessential American genres) is necessary.

3. Sunglasses: You may be heading through kinds of different terrains and it helps to be able to protect your eyes from the desert sun as well as the blinding white of snow in mountain.

4. Sunscreen: And when you're out and about, walking and adventuring, it's very important to protect your skin. Sunscreen will avoid you sun burning, and complete your non-wrinkly skin will thank you.

5. Cooler: Sometimes you cannot to stop at a diner. In these cases, it helps to be able to make sandwiches and eat an Arcadian picnic. Stock your cooler with bottled water, sandwich fixings, and whatever else you consider important.

6. Camera: It's useful device to store the memories. You'll probably keep in mind this road trip forever, but you may forget the beautiful desert flowers in bloom. So snap photos of them so you never forget.

7. Maps: No matter you prefer GPS or paper, it's necessary to know where you're going. Keep an eye out for the national parks and monuments that abound and don't be afraid to be able to find out a pit stop.

8. Hiking Shoes: Even hardy sneakers can get the job done. You may prefer to go out and explore, travel and events proper footwear is very important as well.

Before you start off, check that your car is in good service and maintained and try to keep your gas tank full throughout the trip. In rural areas, gas stations can be sparse, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

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