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Ironically, most people aren't aware of apnea unless someone else says that they snore or they gasp for air enough to cause alarm. Recently, while on vacation, my daughter woke me up several times in the night, yelling "mom breathe!" At first I was confused because when I do fall asleep I am usually out like a light for many hours. My daughter is a research coordinator, for a sleep study, and with her experience she felt I should look into the problem.I looked back on my sleeping patterns and realized that I stay up quite late, fall asleep while working and usually wake up exhausted everyday. I had gained weight this year and attributed the insomnia to a high carb, high sugar intake in the evenings. On a routine visit to my doctor, I mentioned that I was always tired, my memory was diminishing, and I had gained a lot of weight. She ordered the standard blood tests and all came out well. I told her that my daughter had mentioned that I snore and gasp a lot in my sleep. She immediately said, let's do a sleep study. This may be the cause of your lack of energy, but more importantly if you are not sleeping, and breathing correctly you can do damage to your heart, brain, and body organs.There is nothing more frightening than the unknown. I wish I had read an article about the study written by someone who actually went through one before I went. Hence, why I am writing this article. I can say that the second visit was much less frightening. I would like to make your visit as easy as it can be by telling you exactly what happens.

You are asked to arrive to the Sleep Clinic at 9:00 p.m.. Most clinics are not set up like posh hotels as you may read. Most are in the hospital on a floor that has 2 rooms marked off as sleep study rooms. Your room is furnished with a king size bed, a tv, and regular clearance furniture outlet so you don't feel like you are in a hospital. It is like staying in a motel room, and is bearable. you are given paperwork to fill out describing your day. You will receive this paperwork again in the morning evaluating your night. So far all seems fine. If you are like me, you are ready to sit and work on the computer, or watch tv. I brought my books etc. plus the toiletries they suggested. I figured that I would fall asleep at my usual time of 2 a.m. or so. First thing you really should know: You will be hooked up to machines, and lights are out by 10:00 p.m. So don't bother with all the extras, you will not be able to do much productively. Around 10:00 p.m., your nurse will come in to hook you to the machines. This is not the way people describe it too you. First of all you should wear very comfortable clothing. There are a series of wires attached to your body and head. These wires all are attached to a box which stays with you in bed. Two wires go down to the muscles on your calves, several on your chin, jaw, nose,and head. Bands are wrapped around your chest and abdomen. These wires are attached by a water soluble puddy that is globed on your body to hold the wires into place. You will have 10 quarter size clumps in your hair holding the wires to your head. More on your jaw, chin, legs etc. None of this hurts, it is just a very odd feeling. There are also two wires that sit in your nose.

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