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Since, kids are completely unaware of such ailments, they are unable to recognize the symptoms. Thus, it is the responsibility of parents to keep a check in their health and work on abnormal modifications. 

Even though, if the kids show different symptoms, the signs of diabetes are somewhat same in many toddlers. Usually, in type 1 diabetes, the pancreas of kids is unable to produce sufficient amount of insulin. Whereas, in diabetes type 2- toddlers generate ample of insulin, but their body opposes to it. The increasing ratio of obesity in kids, is also the reason for developing diabetes. If you properly identify the signs in kids, it can be controlled from further damage. As soon as you see the mentioned below signs that indicate some trouble, quickly consult any pediatrician. 

 Excessive urination:

This is the most common sign of diabetes which is easily recognized by adults. According to diabetes type 1, the level of sugar in blood stream increases due to deficiency in the production of insulin. Then the sugar starts getting strain through urine, which forces out even water with it. Thus, it causes kids to urine frequently. You can notice, if the child goes to bathroom more often in day or get up at unexpected time in the night for peeing. 

Extreme thirst:

As they experience frequent urination, their body demands more amount of water. They easily get dehydrated, thus they drink excessive amount of water to cope with their dehydration. 

Increased appetite:

kids songs unexpectedly start craving for excessive food at irregular intervals. Due to lack of insulin, their organs do not get proper energy. Thus, the body starts using fats as fuel. 

Weight Loss:

If a healthy child, who loses suddenly loses weight is a warning sign for parents. Sudden loss of weight is also a sign of diabetes. Thus, parents should consider this thing seriously and consult pediatrician as soon as possible. 

Diaper Rash:

Diaper rashes are a huge discomfort to toddlers. If these rashes do not heal, even after applying ointment; then better consult doctor for solutions. 


If your child is suffering diabetes, then he will experience weakness. Your body starts loosing energy and nutrition, thus leads to weakness. 

Apart from all these major symptoms, child often feels nauseate, dizziness, depressed, and agitated. These all are sign of diabetes in toddlers. Consult with pediatrician to overcome this trouble.

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