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The music industry has changed dramatically for production artists with new technology which have made available beats 4 sale which would otherwise be extremely expensive.
For rappers, I must say, this is probably the best time there has been to get into the game and get your feet with. Most music producers back in the day wouldn't think to sell beats for less than a good chunk of change. Not just anybody could make beats, it took a lot of equipment not to mention a lot of skill.

You had to have a studio full of nice equipment if you wanted to produce hits.
The competition in the beat market has grown astonishingly fast with the invention of new programs such as Reason and Fruity Loops which simply weren't available back in the old days. You don't need a huge studio anymore to make some seriously high quality music, and so everybody seems to be moving towards that.

The affordability of production has gone up at a fast rate. People are finding themselves selling beats for prices that would blow your mind because there's so much competition that production artists feel they need to lower their prices and expectations in order to keep up.

The production itself has not suffered from these times. The big picture is that with so many production artists coming out all at once, it's become possible to find high quality beats like you wouldn't believe all over the internet. It used to be all about one or two producers who made all the hits for everybody, but now it's a much more diverse industry.

I swear I've heard beats for a couple hundred bucks that literally sound like 50 Cent's next hit single! Though the music industry is changing dramatically it's all for the good of the rappers who are coming up in today's music scene.
Rappers have some seriously good things to look forward to in today's industry. With a company called Tunecore it's become possible for artists to distribute themselves and sell their music at a price far lower than it was back in the day. Not only is distribution extremely cheap, along with music production, but now it's also possible to promote yourself for free and you don't need a budget of any kind to get started anymore.

Using websites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook it's now possible to seriously get known without using anything else. That is a seriously big advantage that rappers have today over artists back in the day.
Hip hop and music itself is changing for the better. Independents are seeing some seriously big advantages to promoting themselves in today's industry. You need professional licenses to the beats you use and back in the day that probably would've been a problem.

Purchasing a license is confusing work, especially when the producer you're trying to buy from isn't used to selling beats. You can easily dish out a couple thousand per beat. But there's hope for you because there are beats 4 sale online from companies that are very used to selling licenses, and you'll find amazingly good prices.
Just visit Aim The Rapper links in the paragraph below if you'd like to check out the kind of high quality beats you can purchase online.

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