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Rent movies online at , where you can reserve and preview new DVDs, Blu-Rays and games. Rent online movies from Netfix, RedBox, Vudu, YouTube Movies, Google Movies, MGO. Here are our six key need-to-knows - or if you're ready to get started, jump straight to our our list of the top streaming services. By using Redbox online services, you can see which movies are available for renting, reserve them for in-person pickup, and even stream movies for instant viewing!

Types of Content:Movies and TV series for rental or purchase. The company would certainly like to leverage its content ecosystem to get more from the sale of its devices, although it's not really subsidising devices in the Indian market. Is offering lower-priced plans for online movie rentals as it competes with Netflix Inc.

Returning to the issue of selection, or lack thereof: though Rogers tells us they have titles available from studios like MGM, Sony, Maple Pictures, and Warner, there are only about two hundred films in total, a mere twenty of which are new releases.

Redbox certainly does not make their money on 'legitimate customers' that 'only pay a dollar'. Blockbuster by Mail : The service supplies one disc out (DVD, Blu-ray, game) at a time for $12 a month with no due dates or late fees. India's first online DVD rental service Clixflix started in 2004 - the date the site was registered.

To stream in SD you'll need a 500KPBS internet connection, and to stream HD, you'll need 2.5 MBPS. Stream the same video to no more than one device at a time. Google Play is aimed at people using Android mobile devices and the Chromecast media streamer, although Google Play content can also be watched through a browser on a Mac or PC and the Chromecast iOS app.

I like Inside Redbox the best, it gives a percentage rating for the codes, much like RetailMeNot Anyway, choose your movie, punch in a code (hit the Add Promo Code button), swipe your card and take home your free rental. Past purchases can be rewatched on any authorized device whenever you want.

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