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People would surely be disappointed if they find a cheap set of headphones with the newly bought CD or digital audio player. Consumers wanted to enjoy the power of music with no limits. Headphones play a vital role in enjoying music at its best. Statistics reveal that the quality of music vanishes away with the mix of background noise. Hence it is important to prefer a good quality headphone and a wireless headphone will do the job. Every individual will have a specific taste of music.

In this way, the wireless headphone AW772 serves all the purpose and lets people enjoy the music in their own way.

The manufacturers have given a greater attention to its elegant design pattern. The wireless headphone AW772 operates at 900MHz and has the capacity to transmit audio through walls, floor and bluetooth microphone even ceilings at a greater distance of up to 150 ft from the transmitter. The product comes with the noise reduction system which offers a clean music quality. The receivers will receive the music signals alone cutting off the unwanted noise. Options to reduce the low frequency background sounds are enabled. This feature is supported by the PLL technology locks in frequencies. The PLL lock helps in synchronization between the transmitter and receiver paving the way for noise reduction.

The auto tuning features fine tunes the frequency for optimal sound in the headset. The wireless headphone AW772 is self adjustable and fits exactly in the ear canal. Manual recharging is not needed since it is an automated process. The channel select permits the transmission of frequencies to opt more than one 900MHz product and the range varies according to the environment. Wireless headphones are the way to enjoy music and offers freedom to wander where ever you like.

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